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January 17th, 2013, 09:01
Originally Posted by Soulman View Post
I guess Fallout: New Vegas qualifies. Sure, you end up doing a lot of heroic or anti-heroic stuff during the game, but you start out as a regular person. There is some inventory juggling and stats, though.
Starting as a regular person, a rookie is the norm.

It has various causes. For example, starting as a farm boy, isolated from the rest of the world, helps to close the gap between a player and her avatar: both are just as ignorant about the game world and will discover it at the same time. Playing a character that is fully matured in a game world brings the necessity of knowing bits about the game world, in order to appropriate properly the character. It is not possible to design a fully matured avatar that knows as much as a player who is discovering a game universe.

Today, though, the main cause is that players look for power and want to feel that ascension in power from wealkling to the most dangerous beast in the game universe.
By the way, that is why The Witcher had to conduct a pseudo loss of memory.
In his universe, Gerrald is a fully matured character and should no longer progress. He should be declining.
In a RPG, no issue in roleplaying a fully matured character as the accumulation of power is unnecessary in role playing.
But in a game that wants to induce the feeling of getting all powerful, it is mandatory.
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