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January 17th, 2013, 19:51
Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
It looks like a good mix; I'm glad they didn't include a 'Luck' stat.
They did, itīs likely one of the derived stats.
Some other dev provided a correction to Larīs OP:
Willpower is not in, we'd use charisma or INT for that.
Evasion is not in, because it's part of "chance to be hit".
Damage absorption comes from armor & items only atm.
Crit hit is based on items only atm.
Cost of movement is more actually something like "how far can you walk with one action point".

Not in OP but in current system:

Weight, luck, sight and hearing, blocking.
The system seems generally fine to me, Iīm particularly glad thereīs a good number of primary stats, hopefully Larian will manage to make them all useful and without much overlaps.

The apparent exclusion of willpower seems off to me though and I donīt think it would work quite well as a secondary stat either - 6 primary stats is nice, but adding willpower as a seventh would be even nicer and it seems like it would fit the system well (derived stats could be resistances, mana/energy and maybe charisma).
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