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January 17th, 2013, 23:02
Joxer, can I have your key please? The way you're carrying on it seems like its being wasted on you big time. This is one of my most wanted games.

I've been hanging out for a good 4E computer game since I first heard the rules existed. (queue DND nostalgia rant about gold box says in Curse, DKOK, etc, to show where I'm coming from.)

I too have my doubts, and I'll get to those, but first…

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
It's all conning. And STO game is one huge fraud. f2p model they made there is a fraud. There are many f2p models out there, so far the one in STO is the worst one and the most fradulent I've seen in my life.
I played a federation tactics and klingon engineer to max level and had their ships decked out in the best gear and NEVER saw need to go anywhere near the item mall. No content was locked out from me, unlike the awful free version of DDO, but a few alternate ship configurations you don't need at all. I remember STO as the best F2P business model. (and DDO as PAINFUL until you VIP subscribe)

Anyway, back to DND…

I've been making a list of reasons why Neverwinter looks like it might suck. I was hoping to get to 10 legit reasons before I made an official post, but since I'm here defending the games massive potential:

7 Deadly Signs neverwinter will suck! (see what I did there?)

1. Huge damage numbers (cant even work out how these are possible in 4E)

2. Level cap 60 (4E is 30. What kinda filler crap will extend this)

3. Reworked skills not actually DND rules any more

4. Action combat but no talk about why this won't be bad for high pings

5. Active blocking isnt in DND

6. Not dark enough. Copying wow can also be a bad thing. Copying Dark Souls is what people should aim for.

7. Classes seem like templates. I want my Fighter to be a guardian fighter because of the moves I pick, not the (template) class.
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