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January 17th, 2013, 22:14
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Joxer, can I have your key please? The way you're carrying on it seems like its being wasted on you big time. This is one of my most wanted games.
No, you can't.
See… While you think beta should be tested only by #1 fan, IMO it should be tested by ppl who were bitten by a snake and now are cautious even when they see a common lizzard.

As for DDO model, I really don't think it's bad. Was bad… As I haven't enjoyed it in years.
STO I've played a few months ago and Cryptic's model was the most impressive con job I've seen since I was born. Played… Not enjoyed.

Now what's the major difference between you and me…
You want to test only the new D&D. I want to see that too, but also if the game is fraud2play and/or pay2win. So it shouldn't be surprising if you hear from me that d&d was awsome, but the paying model sucks, or that d&d is rubbish, but the new paying model is a step forward. Or that both d&d and paying model sucks.

Both great? Now… Sorry, but that ain't possible. If it was possible, then we'd have WoW killer game for real.
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