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January 18th, 2013, 00:12
Originally Posted by chamr View Post
They already have. Multiple times.

The Evil-AH-Conspiracy theories are silly. Is the AH good or bad for the game? A little of both, maybe. Was it a grand conspiracy on Blizzard's part to make money/ruin the game/monetize with DLC later/whatever crazy idea? Nope.
I didn't mean it in a way that it was some big conspiracy or anything. I simply meant that it seemed to me that the auction house was a central focus of the loot system. Basically, from what I read of people complaining about the drop rates, I simply figured Blizzard intended it that way so people would use the auction house feature more. Not necessarily using real money either, but in-game gold.

It seemed to me that Blizzard was going away from the old route (you gain all your magical items by drops), and trying something new (you get more gold drops and you buy the magical items you want). I could be way off though, I'm just going by what I've observed from other people talking about it.
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