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January 18th, 2013, 00:43

There is news for U17.

1 - We are returning to Gianthold. Flagging will be changed to Cabal for One instead of Crucible for some reason, and new rares will be found outside. New named items will be found as well.

This will be an epic version of Gianthold, not heroic. Reaver's Fate gear is getting new, upgraded versions. All quests, walkups included, are getting Epic versions. Tor also apparently has a new area.

2 - Both Epic and Guild Augment slots are going bye-bye. In their place are generic augment slots, designed much like the current Epic ones, of various colors. The whole list of augments, and which colors they slot in, is too long to post. But, you can slot up to +6 of any stat, 114 spell power for a single damage type, various levels of false life, up to a D10 in additional damage, and more. This will make gear both more powerful, and more customizable, while letting us work in things that currently we cannot. On the bad side, we get to regear. Again.

3 - Many named items from various packs has been altered. Mostly, it looks like they got slots. Some have been upgraded though.

These will appear on loot-gen as well as being retro-fitted to most non-raid loot from most packs. The only raid getting upgraded loot is Tempest Spine.

4 - C is for cookie. That is good enough for me.

Also: Cleric Domains. That is all.
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