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January 18th, 2013, 03:29
chillin w/ a glass of red wine listening to my latest neo-retro doom act, named oddly enough - "Bloody Hammers". Strange name, but i have to admit that this is some of the best occult rock I've heard in a long time, since.. um Blood Ceremony. Lots of blood. Lots of witches. Lots of moonlit sacred pacts and shit like that.
Love it.

Was rocking out very hard and loud today on the road to Nine Inch Nails, "The Downward Spiral". Nothing like the interior of a vehicle to just let you soak in music. I dont know if you can call it rocking out - for me, listening to Downward Spiral after not hearing it for a while is an emotional experience. At times it's pure aggression and misanthropy, other times it's head banging and raw, then it's bleak… but I can relate to the whole thing. A lot of it, anyway

Best song is definitely "the becoming"

Just like I like it, real industrial music. At times it sounds just like the clanging and churning machinery of some demented factory, mixed w/ the sound of feedback/distortion, human voices, at one time unsettling yet compelling. Just when you think it's simply noise, disharmony, you find the rythmn after a listen or two and youre 'tuned in' and can appreciate something a lot of people just dont get to experience. A fine industrial album.

Ok, now i have to go re-buy "Broken"
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