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January 18th, 2013, 05:22
Hi Yme and you!

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I'm mixed; I played part the demo; and the game I think it was very well done; but I think it was targeted at someone in the 12-15 range. That's not a bad thing; but somethign to consider. I do think they did a very good job and met their vision; I just think that maybe it wasn't quite a sophisticated as I hoped.
It sounds like you've met our resident tutorial companion, Word. Keep in mind that he's in fact a young boy. Since you've played a part of the demo, I suspect you've also been talking to Blotch the pirate crab (maybe even Belinda the wolf) - but you may not have been to Eldar's tomb just yet, and maybe you haven't even met the mysterious creature lurking in the cave of the starting village?

All of the characters in Driftmoon have distinct personalities: Some are deep and thoughtful, some troubled, some mostly funny, others even a bit naive. I think you may notice what I mean when you get further into the demo, and the game. But if you yourself happen to prefer games that are serious throughout the adventure, and the mood is dark and sinister, Driftmoon will not fill that requirement. We've wanted Driftmoon to be a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Onto your question: Driftmoon has some players who are in the 13-15 range, but most of them are clearly older than that. I myself don't recommend Driftmoon for players under thirteen, because even though the game (on default settings) is not too heavy on battles, the story does get quite scary at times - but that doesn't go for the very beginning of the game, which we've wanted to keep simple and easy to approach.

I'd be happy to hear what you think when you get to the end of the demo.
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