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January 18th, 2013, 11:56
This the exact wording in the U17 release notes:

Raid and quest flagging mechanics have been changed for heroic and epic versions of Gianthold. You must now complete the following quests for raid flagging:
* Cabal for One
* Prison of the Planes
* Madstone Crater

You no longer need to turn in relics as part of quest progression. Relics can now be used instead to barter with NPCs for new treasure.

Players who have not previously completed Cabal for One may need to run this quest before they can play the raid, even if they were previously raid flagged.

I think this makes it obvious you will have both heroic and epic versions. The flagging will apply to both version (i. e. swapping out Crucible for Cabal for One).

Also interesting is that we don't need to collect relics to get flagged.
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