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January 18th, 2013, 13:20
Poor pibbur .. get well soon!

Today is the day I got my yearly attack of Star Wars RPG (D6) nostalgia.

How did it happen?
Sonny forced me to watch the 2009 SW:TOR flicks… here:

What caused my fling of nostalgia?

The part between 09:56 and 10:08.

Well, the scene nearly made me suffocate (I happened to mis-swallow one of my salted sticks - I'm home sick ATM), for I realized that there have always been morons in the SW universe … mindless critters who throw themselves at dangerous people who carry pointy things in their hands just to press the button of something that might very well explode. This very string of actions made one of my very own SW (D6) characters win the 'Mr. Epic Fail of '99' award.

Okay, there are differences. Many differences. Let's make a comparison.

2009, SW:TOR flick: A Republic trooper named Jace charges a Sith who's armed with a lightsaber and wrestles him over a grenade. The trooper triggers the grenade, detionating the thing.

1999, SW RPG (D6): A stormtrooper named Jaz charges a religious terrorist who's armed with a vibrosword and wrestles him over a dead man's handle connected to a nuclear device. The trooper triggers the DMH, disarming the thing.

The biggest difference, however, is that some characters are just luckier than others, I guess. The SW:TOR baddie forgot all about the pointy thing in his possession while the SW RPG one didn't. Sigh.
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