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January 18th, 2013, 15:00
I even carried my WEG character's name over into SWTOR.
Now, people get confused why there is a character nameed "Wrw".
Back then, it was the name of an Ithorian land worker, made up using a specal sound only Ithorians are able to produce.

I changed my Twi'lek's background story so that he grew up in a community consisting of mainly both Ithorians & Twi'leks, and being raised by an Ithorian couple, he got that Ithorian name - meanwhile learning Twi'lek culture from the community there.

Some people, however, believe that my character's name is a misspelling of "wow" instead. I've had to post my back ground story several times towaerds nay-sayers.

But most times when I mention what I had played with "WEG material" in the 90s, most people become quiet.

Besides, if you want to find me on SWTOR : I'm on "Vanjervalis Chain", which I usually abbreviate just as "V-Chain".
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