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January 18th, 2013, 15:05
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
I've been making a list of reasons why Neverwinter looks like it might suck. I was hoping to get to 10 legit reasons before I made an official post, but since I'm here defending the games massive potential:

7 Deadly Signs neverwinter will suck! (see what I did there?)

1. Huge damage numbers (cant even work out how these are possible in 4E)

2. Level cap 60 (4E is 30. What kinda filler crap will extend this)

3. Reworked skills not actually DND rules any more

4. Action combat but no talk about why this won't be bad for high pings

5. Active blocking isnt in DND

6. Not dark enough. Copying wow can also be a bad thing. Copying Dark Souls is what people should aim for.

7. Classes seem like templates. I want my Fighter to be a guardian fighter because of the moves I pick, not the (template) class.
I'm going to amuse myself answering this.

1. Already seen in screenshots and videos! But I have not idea how 4e is in this regard. I know that people are saying you are fighting gods at level 20+…

2. Level 60 include paragons(/epic) tiers. Interview:
MMORPG: There are 60 levels, equaling the 20 levels in normal D&D campaigns. How will players choose and customize their character builds while leveling say, a Trickster Rogue?

Andy Velasquez: Actually, D&D characters can progress up to 30th level. The first 20 levels are the Heroic and Paragon tiers, while levels 21 thru 30 represent the Epic tier and thatís when characters start getting into world bending levels of powers.

Nerd rant aside; the 60 levels that we will have at launch do represent the characters rise through the Paragon tier. Which means at a certain point in their career, players will choose a Paragon Path which will further specialize their character.

The full details of class progression and our paragon paths is another fun topic that we will be sharing more about in the coming months.
3. What I have seen so far seems to follow 4e daily and per encounter powers a lot. Also, I always called 4e "a MMO on paper", but that is only after a theoretical study of the rules.

4. Works quite well in GW2 right now…but I don't get high pings.

5. That one is a wee bit strange, but it goes with 4 I guess.

6. -

7. They are following 4e with this, the PHB offers builds and Cryptic are implementing those into the game. Indeed, they are not the one who came up with Great Weapon Fighter. Although, I'm not sure if they force you to pick a build or not, because they said there was only 4 (5) classes: Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Cleric (, Ranger). But right now they showed 2 Fighters, 1 Mage and 1 Rogue.
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