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January 18th, 2013, 18:38
OK, tonight's entertainment…

First off, did Team Three Men and a Lady ever get a chance to do the last quest in Lordsmarch2? JM, Az, and I managed to knock out the whole chain with our Friday toons last week. I've got Klubbir needing just that final quest in the chain as well, so I'm willing to fill in if needed.

Once that is resolved, I believe we're off to Gianthold. Outdoors and walkups. I'm thinking we save Mired in Kobolds as a catchup area for the folks needing extra XP.

Looking forward…
Hopefully we can all qualify for level 16 off the GH walkups. For lvl14 quests, we've got the GH flags , GH pre-raid, and Necro4. Kinda thin (particularly if we need some of the GH flags to qualify for 16), but maybe enough to get the level by running them all. It's lvl15 quests where we're screwed- Harbinger1 chain and a couple 12 house quests is the sum total. We'll probably just have to go into the lvl16 stuff (Vale, Eveningstar bridge chain) under level for elite. We've run that stuff enough that it shouldn't be the end of the world.
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