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January 19th, 2013, 02:12
As a producer myself, I must recognize the music in this game is top notch, as everything else about it. I actually spent much time in the title screen just to listen to the main theme that one more time! (fanboy mode off)

I love how music is evolving in the gaming scene. It's now, more than ever, recognized as one of the prime factors that contribute to setting the experience's atmosphere, and most important of all, how to tell a story.
Movies dominate this technique and I can see it being well used in recent games; Nintendo games are great examples.

I believe music is so important that, for instance, when I'm reading books (mostly fantasy fiction) it's not uncommon for some kind of soundtrack to pop up in my mind, real time, setting the mood for what I'm reading.

Music producers getting recognized like this (I'm looking at the commotion caused by Deus Ex's trailer) is why I believe music in games cant only get better from now on.
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