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January 19th, 2013, 04:21
I've played quite a few RPGs over the years. I'm 65 and my gaming goes back to my mainframe programming days starting in the early 80s. I never got into Pen and Paper games. Even though turned-based and party-based games were all that was available back then, I felt it was stilted and hoped for a more realistic, real time experience. More of that came about over time with single player, real time combat, and more open world games. It was liberating for me.
I just don't get this reverence for glacial paced turn-based combat. The endless twiddling with inventory drives me up the wall. The "Oh, there's a Troll up ahead." Pause game, go to Inventory, "Hmm, Bow of Burning or Flame Sword + 3? Mithril Mail or Elven Armor? Maybe Fireball. No wait, Lightning and then Disintegrate."
Spare me. That's not role playing, that's bookkeeping. Why not just open a spreadsheet and juggle cells all night?
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