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January 19th, 2013, 16:52
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
Always confusing role playing with roll playing… Those long gone days when RPGs were "about role playing" in fact means: those long gone days when RPGs adopted as their paradigm the D&D rules (no matter which edition, it could be AD&D even), which, as everybody who already played other pen & paper RPGs knows, were no more than a bunch of rules to kill monsters, loot and receive experience points. Quite awful rules, in fact, but no more than that, a board game without the board (though usually gamers make their own boards, mapping the dungeons in paper). And in those long days what was being adapted to computer role playing games was the mechanical part of the role playing games: the rolling of dice, the random encounter tables, the NPC reaction tables, the encumbrance rules, the THAC0 rules, the movement rules, the inventory management. Hence the turn based combat the party based games, the isometric view (better to study the strategic moves), and all that "amusing" stuff. Amusing as a bloody arithmetic test!
That depicts perfectly my position. Even though you'll have a hard time finding a single post of mine going in that direction and plenty of posts recalling that it is not possible to sum up a RPG to its mechanics, RPG elements, rule set or whatever.

One thing with internet forums is that people do not invest time in them, forgetting what other people say but still want to keep contributing to "discussions".

Narrative game players are chasing a ghost here: we are far from being able to get that AI that could rewrite a story according to the player's inputs.

Maybe projects like Sui Generis/Drox Operative and a few others might help to progress toward what it would take to get an AI rewriting a story as it goes but still far from the goal.

Best scripted effort so far: narrative charts, more or less complex but that only reflects the writer's anticipation of what inputs a player must be interested with feeding his/her game.
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