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January 19th, 2013, 23:26
.. the day pibbur went back again. To Norway.

After a good night's sleep (of which he didn't get much) at his hotel in London, he did get on a plane at 0750 GMT and it did get him to his home town at 1110 CET. It seems he was lucky. Lots of people had to (chose to?) sleep in the airport, and there were more than 100 cancellations by noon, saturday (with even more to come tomorrow, sunday). You can read about it on bbc: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-21095656

For his trip home he had bought new noise cancelling earware, which worked very well. So when the skies were cleare over Norway, no turbulence and no engine noise could penetrate the tender tones of Tool, it was quite fascinating watchin the landscape silently gliding below us while we were descending…..

Other people were also traveling this day:

1419: Henry 5.0 of England goes to Normandy 525.4 years before the British and the Americans an many other went there in '44

1520: Sten Sture jr. of Sweden regrets going to Bogesund.
1829: Faust (some of him) goes to Braunschweig
1840: Charles Wilkes goes to his land
1861: Georgia goes south
1978: A beetle leaves Emden
1985: (c)Brain goes wild
2013; New Horizons is 1 090 600 000 km from Pluto and closing

pibbur who won't go to Pluto himself after it was degraded. And who doesn't care about the number of googles for Pluto anymore. Pibbur has 52300.
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