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January 20th, 2013, 02:45
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
I remember how Chris was excited about Age Of Empire Online and kept talking about how F2P was the future of his company. How did that work out Chris?
In business life what one wants to do and must do can be very different unfortunately. I remember a Feargus Urquart's interview before all this kickstarter thing where he said time for deep and long character creations left in the past and people didn't want them anymore. Or just look at inxile's past games. Microsoft paid the bills of GPG at one time, so what do you expect? That he says "we made this game, but it sucks. Don't play it" come on. Kickstarter gave this people a chance to do what they really want.

I'm working in a game localization company as project manager. What I really work with are single player RPGs. But, I can't. Because there isn't much money in this area, publishers don't want to localize their single player RPGs. So I have to work with MMORPG companies. Because that's where money is, that's what pays the bill. So I'm translating single player RPGs unofficially in my spare time as a hobby.

So there's no need for much skepticism.
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