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January 20th, 2013, 05:07
Im in full-on Trek mode right now. Playing 2 trek games in preparation for my role of Captain Sammy T Kirk on the bridge playing the space bridge simulator Artemis next weekend. I've been barking orders at my phantom crew all day long.

I cant wait!

So I've been playing a good Xbox 360 Trek game called Star Trek: Legacy. Really turnng out to be a fun game. Basically, youre not only the captain of your own ship, but one of a small fleet of ships. You run missions defending space stations, explore space, accompanied by the AI ships in your fleet. Warp drive, scanning, teleporting crews, all that fun shit - unfortunately there's no bridge. Youre simply driving - attacking things, exploring, etc. The good thing being that as the game goes on, you earn credits and can buy better ships. Want a faster, lighter glass cannon or a slow lumbering tank of a ship? Save up for that Poseidon class destroyer youve always wanted. That's where the next slice of cool comes in - the game spans several eras of Trek lore. At first, you play as Capt Archer for the first 1/3rd of the game, then you assume the role of Capt Kirk. Then, finally for the final third of the game you take the helm as the venerable Capt Jean-luc Picard. I cant wait for that.

I was trying to scrimp by with less ships so I can spend my credits later on for better ships, but i was getting pummeled too bad by the later missions. I can always sell the ships in my fleet I dont want. So I went and bought that huge battleship w/ 2 phaser banks and torpedoes out the wazoo for heavy support, it's awesome to see that thing letting loose in the middle of a huge battle.

Also, I've gotten the demo for Artemis and been playing that. It's literally 30k. I dont even see why I'm messing around w/ the demo at this point, i just need to buy the damn thing already for 40$.

The demo gives you control of the helm and weapons stations only, and that itself is enough to keep the avid learner more than busy at first. This is the quintessential space bridge simulator, so there's a lot going on. Setup is a snap, you fire up the game and designate one pc as the server, and that is essentially the ship. Then you simply start the game on another pc or laptop as a client, put in the IP of the ship, and pick your station. Then you fumble around w/ the controls for a while and get shot at and warp way past your objectives!

I love things like the ship status screen, which brings up a 3d profile of the ship w/ red indicators of the damaged areas. Long-range screens which shows all the sectors, stations. Tactical map controls. Such geeky goodness.

Mostly getting my ass kicked at it right now (which is expected), I need to get into the community and start reading up on gameplay and watching videos.
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