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January 20th, 2013, 05:20
It is a mess of a situation, but an overly "scorched earth" attitude that devalues folks to the extreme in the gaming industry can't be the best path forward. It borders on magical thinking that talented folk will just generally land on their feet in the aftermath by that virtue alone---brain drain is a serious problem, and considering how fledgling this industry is versus cinema and the like, AND the overall bad culture of burnout and passing skills along to generations coming on up, you've got a sad trend of late with dev house shuttering left and right these past couple years…talent vanishing…IP rights and such descending into a muck of limbo such that they may never be situated again.

Hard to say what the fate of GPG will be going forward, and mistakes were certainly made, but losing a classic company in such a public spectacle would be quite a blow easily on par with the mark it would leave on KS if they somehow still wind up dropping the ball down the line. Potency still counts as paramount even accounting for the above---what this comes down to is trying to navigate Circumstance.
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