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January 20th, 2013, 10:03
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
Well, when he said, "I can't believe all the love! Let's not count the actual votes!" it made me a little suspicious. I personally doubt he can trade his dignity for 3/4 of a million dollars though.
I dont know if KS has a comment filter system but they correspond with the report made by this man. Lots of supportive comments (even though as only backers can comment, it shows that KS is not yet to attract people into paying just so they can express their opposition to something as it is seen elsewhere. Will add some new revenues stream if this ever happens. Just think of it, people backing just to state they do not agree with the project or the way it is managed)

He played the cards he had. The information was going public anyway. Not releasing it could have been interpretated as concealment (the studio is about to close, he's just taking the money from KS to pay back the debt and come clear out of the mess etc)

He came out openly about this, played the card of the independent studio/familial/small business etc so dear to so many potential backers and get a decent result out of it.

Just the way it works.
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