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Default Wildman - Update # 3 Team Members Laid off at Gas Powered Games

January 20th, 2013, 11:41
I was getting some mixed messages from the pitch even before this update. Is this Wildman concept really something they would want to make or is it just something they ran up in a few weeks just to cash in their celebrity chips on Kickstarter?

The game sounds a bit like a version of Spellforce, but that game had mechanisms that joined the RTS and RPG elements, whereas Wildman sounds a bit like a single character ARPG, where when you arrive in an outpost you get to play an RTS mini game? Someone tell me that I'm wrong…

Whilst I wouldn't want to see GPG close their doors, I think that using Kickstarter just to keep them open for a bit longer would have a knock on effect down the line on other projects, if that is what they are doing…

That said I haven't removed my pledge… but they need to put out some more convincing updates, certainly than the last one.
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