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January 20th, 2013, 13:47
Quite a few things:

-playing a pen & paper game is different from playing a role playing pen & paper game.
Role playing is not about rules, mechanics, so called RPG elements, it is about role playing.
ADD or any pen and paper role playing game is no insurance of playing a role playing game.
Yes, that's a fact. Though most people who play games who are included in the genre of RPG called themselves role players even if they are playing them as wargames. The same thing you criticize about computer RPGs

ADD ruleset can indeed be used to play a skirmish game, with role playing absent from the game. It is all about taking decisions to optimize the efficiency of the character mainly in combat, excluding the role of the said character. It is nothing different from wargaming

The consequence: as players do not role play when they play this way, nobody shall refer to this as a role playing experience, it is munchkin experience.
Nobody should refer to that as role playing experience, but munchkins usually don't call themselves munchkins. There are exceptions, of course.

-Emulation of role playing experience: it is quite hard and developpers are struggling to do this. They still have to consolidates ways to bring role playing to computers.

When I said it was easy I was using irony. Of course it is difficult. What is easy is to emulate a bad role playing experience (or a wargaming experience labeled as role playing).

Current population of so called RPGers is divided in two segments:

-small scale wargamers, skirmishers etc… who want to be given skirmishing gameplay

-narrative game players (skyrim type) who want to be involved in grand stories and want to be able to shape stories as their input go (as this is what you do when you play pen & paper narrative games)

Both segments could stop immediately to call RPG what is not RPG, and start calling their games what they are, skirmish or narrative games. They wont be hurt in the doing. But they wont do it.
I don't mind that. I, myself, go for narrative games and never skirmish type games. Do they have to be called RPG? I don't know, for me they can be called whatever they like. I don't think this is a marketing thing. RPGs are a niche, most people never played one, most people above 30/ 40 years old don't even know what is an RPG and the ones who know associate it with computer games, not pen and paper. Probably it's more of a habit than a marketing maneuver. For many years games which had skills, attributes, manageable inventory, character customization were called RPGs, even when it was obvious they were not. So the "genre" created roots. Probably would be a bit strange starting calling narrative games to what, nowadays, is called RPG. I would understand it, you would understand it, but most people who buy games would be confused. So, in the end I don't disagree that much with you (probably in the matter of tastes, but not in this "RPG or not RPG thing"). But I think you are wasting your time always trying to point out that what are called RPGs are not really RPGs. Well, to each is own… Next time you criticize something about the RPG label I will recall your point about narrative vs skirmish.
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