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January 20th, 2013, 16:35
I finally fired up the Gamers Gate "KOA Collection" I picked up for the absurd price of $14.99 on Xmas eve. I just checked and it is back at $49.95. Ouch.

Anyway… as I'm sure many of you know it is basically an MMO with realtime combat and full voice acting. There really is allot of quality voice acting in this game, which surprised me. Otherwise the quest "depth" feels MMO. The world looks MMO. The world "density/size" looks MMO. The big difference then is the combat and the lack of players.

Thing is, the only thing I don't like about MMOs is the general lack of NPC uniqueness and the lame combat systems.

I won't say the NPCs here have a ton of depth in Amular but they do have "enough" personality to keep things interesting. Sort of like Fable's NPCs, right down to the english accents, but quite a bit chattier….

The combat does shine in my opinion. I currently have 3 options - ranged magic for softening targets and then shield/sword for the heavy damage. It is basically the type of combat I was hoping for watching the Dungeon Lords trailers back in the day. In Amular you have all the same "drop and roll" maneuvers necessary for mob tactics in Dungeon Lords. Of course this is all very "actiony" but it feels great. I haven't abused the "soul charge up" mode because I like my kills to be natural, not a cut scene. I reserve that mode for situations where I'm clearly going down otherwise and/or I want to see my opponent die a truly gruesome death.

I'm just getting into the crafting and alchemy so I have no comment yet, but I can craft weapons with 3 ingredients now so I'm looking forward to trying it.

So is this a great game? Honestly I don't know but if I would say that if you like MMOs and all that brings with it and you like action combat this is a bit of a no brainer. After playing Beyond Divinity my grey matter needs a rest. Amular is like a fairy tale vacation… with killing.
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