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January 20th, 2013, 22:10
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
This is utter BS. The game was not "in fact" designed as an MMO. The ONLY reason the MMO thing gets tossed around is because people confused Reckoning with the Amalur MMO that 38 Studios was also working on. Some bogus news story came out saying Reckoning was previously an MMO-turned-single player game and that was quickly debunked by the developers, however, the gamers who read that story never read the debunking by the devs so the MMO label stuck with Reckoning.

Now you read all this garbage about how the game "feels like an MMO" because ignorant people have it stuck in their heads that Reckoning was once designed as an MMO. Not to pick on you or anything Couchpotato but I'm just sick of seeing the MMO nonsense whenever Reckoning is brought up.
Comparison to MMO is because of map,quests and instances are exactly like those in majority of MMOs.Also MMO comparison came before it was public knowledge that studio was working one.
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