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January 21st, 2013, 00:25
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
My son who is an IT consultant has been over my PC with a fine tooth comb cleaned everything out that needed cleaning, updated everything which could be updated and done everything he could think of, yet it will not run!!
Fire him!

I don't have GW2, but the thing you've describing somewhat looks similar to problems a friend of mine had with LoL. The game would crash after choosing the hero and starting the map.
The cause was nvidia gfx card in his laptop, and kill me but I can't remember which exactly Acer Aspire model it was - all I can remember the card was 7000M. It was never fixed by the game developer or by nvidia driver. I've checked League of Legends forums frequently, after each patch. The solution? There actually is - reverting back to win XP!

I've browsed GW2 forums a bit, and before you get your son fired, ask him to mess a bit with your registry. Setting some things there helped some ppl who also had a problem of game crashes after choosing the char:

It helped in this case for example:
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