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January 21st, 2013, 03:28
I've played the game up to the Klurikon region after Mel Senshir and completed 130 quests and agree with Fnord's general analysis. Play the game until it gets boring then stop.

The lore is somewhat interesting once you understand the Fae but its not very compelling in and of itself. I thought it was very clever storytelling if you want explain instancing in game in an MMO for what its worth. I can sort of imagine what they would do for the MMO using this lore. FWIW, the game felt somewhat like Asheron's Call to me and therefore like a single player MMO.

The thing I liked least about the game was the item management. I'm not really an ARPG player so dont like the lottery/random item stuff though the junk pile was a useful feature.

My rogue wanted better looking clothing than was offered as troll and hexweave armor looks like crap to me. Eventually I figured out how to cheat me some better looking armor (by copying models from NPCs) in doing that I cheated myself a ring to rule the all (move 50% faster, fast regen, ) and just started ploughing through the game starting around Detyre when it started to get boring.

Mel Senshir is kinda fun but anti-climatic yet worth doing if you plan on quitting just before it. I don't think you really have to do Detyre at all to advance that part of the plot as I successfully landed there and then backtracked before entering the fortress.
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