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January 21st, 2013, 12:53
Still playing Divinity II / Dragon Knight Saga, which I enjoy. I am in the dragon part now, and I don't quite understand why people reacted so negatively to it - you still do quite a lot of on foot exploration und dungeoneering, and I enjoy not having to walk around quite as much anymore. And while not perfectly implemented, being a dragon is still cool . Only real downer for me so far are the invisible walls, especially in the fjords.
That said, the combat in this game is the most ridiculously over the top I have ever played (and generally too easy). Still enjoying it as a change of pace after many more serious games I played before this more lighthearted game.

Also got hooked (again) to Puzzle Quest on my iPhone. Finally decided to get chapter three, so this time I'm gonna finish that sucker.
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