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January 21st, 2013, 13:50
In between sessions of Realms of the Haunting I've been toying around with a character that I've started thinking of as the Hidden Terror. I need to get Sneak up a bit to really stick the Hidden part, but I foresee lots of fun with this one.

It started with a character meant to finish the Dark Brotherhood quests, so sneaky knives were the default, but then I thought I'd add in necromancy to give a bit of variety and make it more interesting. Then, while exploring that mine near Riverwood, I discovered what a fun mix Illusion and necro-Conjuration make, especially if you need to play a character disturbed enough to do some of the darker quests.

Imagine, you and your buddy are hanging out, muttering about your dad telling you to go to college, when all of a sudden he whips out his sword and starts attacking you. Finally, you succeed in beating him down, but as you lean against the wall to catch your breath, you hear a moan and turn to see him rising from the ground to continue the fight. Your buddy's back, and now all he wants to do is eat your brains. You never even notice the shadowy figure sneaking up behind you… It's an intriguingly strategic way to play; even more than a normal Illusion or Conjuration one.

I've got to get a decent Sneak level and Quiet Casting before I can get really terrifying, but it should be a more fun evil build than one that's just doing it for TEH EVILORZ! It doesn't feel right to do the darker things just to tick off a quest log, so I've been trying to come up with a character who would do them, but not be evil for the sake of evil or so devoid of character as to be boring to play.

This character was an apprentice conjurer who had to hide in a pile of bodies for a few hours after a bandit raid, so now I've got someone unhinged enough to play with Cicero and listen to voices claiming to be Daedra lords.
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