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January 21st, 2013, 15:05
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
I agree to some extent that your first reactions can change as you progress through a game, but I'm doubtful that Chris will be attempting to achieve this "whole picture" that you mention or necessarily feel the need to respond in any way that appears objective. After all, this is simply a let's play document of his adventures, the style and format of which I'm sure he'll decide on his own basis.
In short, it's a fun little exercise which will provide entertainment to the fans.

Another point I failed to mention is the notion of creating "closer" ties to your fanbase; of which I think this is a unique example of.
I guess we'll have to see what happens

As for creating ties to your fanbase - it's part of the whole industry circus that I can't identify with. But if that's your thing - that's your thing.

Well, let's just say I don't quite share this kind of negative bias. I'm sure MCA will enjoy himself playing Arcanum just fine and respond as only he can. Take from it what you will as a free agent observer.
Well, you can call it negative bias and I can call your obvious optimism positive bias.

But that's kinda useless.

I'm just responding based on my experience with human beings and how these media event thingies are rarely truly useful - and as such, I tend to miss the point.

That's just my position - and I don't consider it negative as much as utilitarian

As you say though, it'll be interesting to see if the experience somehow informs his Project Eternity considerations from a developer viewpoint.
Sure, I'm getting kinda curious about it myself. So - I suppose there's something here I missed the first time around.




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