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January 21st, 2013, 16:46
Originally Posted by EvilManagedCare View Post
Always on the lookout for a good post-apoc book. Is it at least better than the film?

In terms of this genre my favorite has been The Stand, followed by the majority of Alas, Babylon (the end was ham-handedly resolved in a matter of about 2 pages). Swan Song was good too, imo as well as Lucifer's Hammer. Read Earth Abides and didn't care for it so much, maybe because the protagonist was unlikeable.
yeah the film is some kevin costner crap right the book is waay better. the stand is probably my fave as well. im reading 'alas, babylon' next. also 'i am legend' which is supposed to be good (and different from the movie). swan song was pretty good, a bit too simple 'good vs evil' in some ways. havent read lucifers hammer yet.
picked up 'dies the fire' a while ago but was put off fairly quickly. a bit to 'rpg-nerdy' for my book taste with bows and arrows, samurai swords etc.

read 'a canticle for liebowitz' not too long ago. started out very promising with fallout shelter and everything, but turned out to be very dragged out and all about preserving books in a monastary and the wonders of a light bulb. jumping ahead in time, switching the main character 3 times didnt help either..

and finally i recently read 'metro 2033' which imo wasnt that good either. basicly no character development, and constantly moving to new locations made it hard to feel anything at all about the characters or places.

oh, and i assume you've read 'the road', great book..
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