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January 21st, 2013, 19:11
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Thanks for the detailed answers DeepO, much food for thought!

However I've reached a point where I'm seriously considering taking a short sabbatical from this game (not unlike SpoonFULL did) as I'm getting regularly pounded by these two partners of melee strife, Smough and Ornstein, and don't seem to be coming up with many ideas to counter them.
My last wild strategy, flee, dodge and black-bomb like crazy, isn't working.

I don't want to kill my enjoyment too much by the hazy repetition of eliminating the same obstructing enemies leading up to the fight, only for that to be over very quickly indeed, which is where I think some frustration does come in to play.

Maybe I'll gather some souls, some more humanity and head back to the merchant at Sen's Fortress for that ring of lightning defense, which might help, then possibly look for a better shield that has some lightning protection. I've also since ascended my mace into a lightning mace.

I'm also sure that I haven't completed everything possible within the New Londo Ruins, so maybe now that the Anor Londo Keep door is open, going back there and dickering about is a good idea.
Anything to temporarily get me out of these Anor Londo tower staircases.
It took me a while to beat these two - but I finally have

I really wanted Dragon Slayer Ornstein's armor so I wanted to beat him last, but that didn't work out so well as Super Ornstein always kicked my butt religiously.

Here is what I did to beat them:

1) Leveled up Pyromancy all the way to +15 and then ascended the Pyromancy Flame in the swamp in Blighttown. (NOTE: This takes a while to accomplish but is well worth the investment).

2) Equipped lighter armor so I could move faster. Heavy armor slows you down too much for this fight and you will get hit because of it.

3) Took down Ornstein with melee as fast as possible.

4) Used the Fireball pyromancy to take down Super Executioner Smough.

When finishing off Executioner Smough with fireballs stay behind the pillars and wait until he does his move and then step in and let a fireball launch. It is crucial to always keep a pillar between you and Smough (this is where the light armor really comes into play). He won't be able to hit you with his sweep attack and you can easily back up from the hammer smash or butt slam. Keep circling the pillar as he tries to engage you. You will get the idea when you try it out.

Hope that helps!
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