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January 21st, 2013, 18:31
I am always intrigued by this series, yet the times I gave the first installment a try I couldn't never get engaged in it. I have an affinity for games that provide flavor text because to me it says the developrs wanted to go the extra mile in creating an atmosphere. I also like the entrance to the temple in the screenshot gallery. Unique game assets also imo speak to the desire to create immersion & atmosphere. Having said that, the lack of a party & the low resolution makes it dificult for me to get into the game. I don't demand cutting-edge graphics, but the scaling of the resolution makes the graphics suffer.

@Lemonhead: I don't believe this trilogy was ever going to be party-based, unfortunately. IIRC the developers said this series wouldn't be, but the next would/might. This may have changed because that conversation came up before the first title was completed.

@CRPGNut what do you mean by the conditional stuff? I am curious as I have not extensively played the games.
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