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January 21st, 2013, 18:34
Its my ghetto high tech D&D setup. The Sager laptop is projecting the portion of the map they are playing onto a 39" 1080p LCD being used as a game table. They use their cardboard player tokens right on the "table" while everything else is digital (monsters, props, etc). The app is called MapTool which has a Fog of War system so they can only see explored areas. The second pic is a Maptool screenshot showing "DM Mode" where I can zoom out and see everything with unexplored only partially shaded in Fog of War mode.

This is D&D 4e but it would work great for Pathfinder or anything with a map, like a game that uses hex etc…

The Sony laptop I'm using to run the campaign. The one thing missing is I need to get a clear plastic film so they can roll dice right on the LCD.

I played Amular for a few hours last night. A pack of wolves nearly killed me. There were about 6 of them and it was pretty touch and go. Its easy to get overconfident!
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