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January 21st, 2013, 19:43
Huh, that is really cool. So basically it projects a board that they can move their characters on, but you can move the monsters digitally using your computer screen, as well as presumably creating zones and things like that. That sounds really fun, and is particularly well suited for 4e. I wish I had that to play around with!

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Its my ghetto high tech D&D setup. The Sager laptop is projecting the portion of the map they are playing onto a 39" 1080p LCD being used as a game table. They use their cardboard player tokens right on the "table" while everything else is digital (monsters, props, etc). The app is called MapTool which has a Fog of War system so they can only see explored areas. The second pic is a Maptool screenshot showing "DM Mode" where I can zoom out and see everything with unexplored only partially shaded in Fog of War mode.

This is D&D 4e but it would work great for Pathfinder or anything with a map, like a game that uses hex etc…

The Sony laptop I'm using to run the campaign. The one thing missing is I need to get a clear plastic film so they can roll dice right on the LCD.

I played Amular for a few hours last night. A pack of wolves nearly killed me. There were about 6 of them and it was pretty touch and go. Its easy to get overconfident!
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