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January 22nd, 2013, 00:07
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Chocula, you sure it's permafixed in Toshiba laptops? One reason more never to buy them myself…
100% certain. The only kinds of laptops with MXM connectors where you can upgrade the graphics card are bulky desktop replacements like Sager/Clevo, Alienware, etc.

I tend to buy a new laptop about every three or four years or so and sell my old one.

The one I have my eye on now is the Samsung Series 7 Chronos H, coming out in the next few months with Haswell i7 quad core, 1920x1080 glossy display, AMD 8870m graphics card, no optical disc drive and it is super thin and portable (0.82" thick).

Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Well, thanks for the help. I suppose I'll just consider upgrading my laptop entirely or hoping I can still play it on this one.
In case you decide to buy a new (or used) laptop, here is a good chart showing the ranking of all the laptop GPUs: http://www.pc-erfahrung.de/grafikkar…-notebook.html

My current laptop has the card ranked number 47 on that list and it runs most games just fine at 1080p, so any card ranked 47 or higher will be OK for gaming at 1080p, and there are plenty of laptops under $1,000 that will do it. If possible within your budget, try to find a laptop with 1920x1080 display, i7 quad core, Nvidia 650m, 660m, AMD 7730m, or better.

If you don't mind gaming at lower resolution, such as 1366x768 or 1280x720, which is the resolution for games on Xbox and PS3, then you can find some laptops that are even cheaper.
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