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January 22nd, 2013, 13:05
I think there is a problem with how he came up with what resolution to use. The native resolution for most standard widescreen monitors is 1360x768 (it looks best in my opinion also) and most users are mistaken about what resolution they should be using. The main reason why people use 1280x720 is because of TV resolutions being 720 and 1080 so they think that is the best resolution for a PC. When it comes to 1280x768 most of the time it is used because that is what the resolution defaulted to.

I did research and testing when I first got a widescreen monitor and first set it to 1360x768 because it was the default (not what the resolution defaulted to) and then tried other resolutions. Larger resolutions ended up making things too small for me so I decided not to go with them even though they worked well. When I tried lower resolutions like 1280x720 and 1280x768 the aspect ratio didn't look right but still fit in the screen. After testing I came to the conclusion that 1360x768 was the optimal resolution just like what I found through research.
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