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January 22nd, 2013, 20:49
LOL - Thought I was confused, but the reviewer made even more of a cock up of it than I did (I'm a beta tester following supporting the game on the kickstarter), probably because I played their previous title "Discord Times" and had some idea what was going on.

In my opinion this isn't really fit to have been released as a beta/preview, even after the last update, as there is so much that hasn't been implemented yet or doesn't work properly. That combined with a complete lack of information as to what you are meant to be doing, makes the game very hard to play right now. And from a testers point of view its hard to know what to report as a bug, since so many aspects of the gameplay are not functional.

However, the game looks really promising, the graphics are good, the combat looks like it will be interesting, when it works, and the music is superb (so far). I hope that the devs can fix everything that needs fixing and most importantly add a tutorial, as repeating the same content until one works out what is going on isn't remotely fun. Plus they need to do some work on the translation.

The game is already well over schedule, but that's just normal (none of my backed kickstarter projects are even close to being on schedule). I only hope they have sufficient funds to get it finished and it looks like there is a lot of work still to do.
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