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January 22nd, 2013, 23:48
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Well if it means anything, the same card in my laptop can run Skyrim on low settings. Does that mean anything? Lol. I figured Skyrim would be pretty demanding on my card and I didn't expect it would be able to play it all, but it can.

Anywho, playing Divine Divinity at the moment, just starting out but it seems cool so far. I'm really excited to get deeper into it and check out what I've been missing all these years.

So Divine Divinity is basically Diablo but with more world interaction and dialog? It really reminds me of Diablo. Just entering the first dungeon and it's got loads of atmosphere. Really liking it so far.
You have big ass backlog from years before so I guess you are officially PC gamer now.As for DD vs Diablo I think diablo had better mechanic and loot but DD has far better writing and more open world and unlike diablo every skill in DD seemed good and worth considering.Very good I hope you as much have fun as I did when I played it first time.
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