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January 23rd, 2013, 01:38
just got the new script done for White GOld, will start on cutscenes soon.
I have remixed the m16 reload, and it plays back fine in game.

Wesp, if I alter any sound files that are NOT already included in the sounds override folder, can we add them back into the game?
I have successfully added the m16 reload sound back in (it is a wav file, really easy), but if i take a file out of the russian sounds (like AK47 reload) the english game does not recognize the file or sound. Does the sndlist require modification to add in remixed audio files that ARENT in the sounds folder already(in english version)?
I added remixed files m16_reload and AK47_reload to sounds/weapons/player
i get an sndlist error. with just the remixed M16, it plays back fine. no error message.

Is It possible to modify the sndlist to include more remixed original sounds?
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