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January 23rd, 2013, 16:33
Let me use small words; The challenges directly affected how the game was built from the ground up. Book II doesn't play like Book I, I liked Book I much better. Now, this is opinion, as is all the stuff that spouts from your orifices. It's a valid point, but you may not be able to ascertain it. Let's say you have an achievement (oops sorry, he called it challenge) that says kill all monsters with an edged weapon. Okay, now you must build the whole game so that it can be completed using only edged weapons. I can't explain it any more simply than that. I'm not a fan of achievements either. I just think they're silly.

Also, it wasn't a deal breaker. I bought Book II knowing that he had added achievements and high score multipliers. I'm just not sure that I will buy Book III if those are in there again. It's my money and my opinion. BW likes the money and RPGWatch is all about opinions. Get it?
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