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January 23rd, 2013, 20:17
I wouldn't guess While reading news and spotting some comments, that the major discussion here will be about da kolor paleta xD

For me this whole hype (its starting to be that) about graphics is a bad sign. Most of us hadn't complaints about visuals in DA2 - it was the gameplay, rush etc.
For the first info about DA3 I would like characterisation of game mechanics, plot, new 'awesome' elements, INFO ABOUT RPG elements!

I want to know wheter they move forward with their sense of evolution (please God, no!) or the return to roots.
For those who do not know what BW evolution is, please let me explain:
.e. sidequests: Baldurs: conversation->background->mix of fights and talking.
then DA:O hell with talking - here you got THE QUESTBAGS!
and finally DA2 - questbags are tiresome, you have to read [sic!] infos on a board, so here: we give you an object on the ground and hey! in city there is a fellow who accidently lost it and is very happy you have found it!

I want to know asap if they go on with this evolution - because if yes I will be free from watching every other news about this game
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