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January 24th, 2013, 13:28
Well, it entirely depends on what the game is trying to convey. I think violence is most effective when it's realistic and the game is trying to depict realism - because then it's rather shocking and it should be. When you're dealing with escapist fantasy - I don't think violence is particularly effective, but it will depend on several factors.

Something like Age of Conan, which is supposed to be an extremely harsh world full of violence - wouldn't work well without it.

So, it's really not a clear-cut issue. But I do consider violence for the sake of violence crass and tasteless. A good example would be Postal or something like Django Unchained recently. I detect no rational reason behind violence there.

Good examples would be something like Saving Private Ryan (the movie) and a game like AoC as I mentioned above.




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