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January 24th, 2013, 13:54
Ive been on the fence for awhile, but its getting harder to resist..

I have huge problems completing games, skyrim is a perpetum mobile and I would really like to actually play more than the first 15 hours of Torment before I get back to BG

Of course its a cash grab, and in a way, we all do it. I plan to do it when renegotiating my contract next week, but beamdog actually put some effort behind their words.

They know that any chance to get the licence to do a BG3 of some sort is to make as good as possible game of the enhanced older versions.
A question, do we know if the original art is gone from BG2 as well?
That is one of the things that put me off BG:EE

That fence is turning rather slippery,..

Honestly, when was the last time I had a decent manual to read?
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