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January 24th, 2013, 18:33
It's interesting that you mention kickstarter. In fact, I had every intention of doing a kickstarter -- went quite far down the path of planning for one -- but then I changed my mind.
Why? Several reasons. Perhaps this is a topic worthy of its own thread, but, what the heck why not right here

A couple of reasons I did not launch a kickstarter campaign in 2012:

1) First, and perhaps most significant, is that I see Forge of Legends as a very niche game. What I mean is that I expect it to appeal well to a select audience (people who want to see more Wizardy and Bard's Tale titles) and to have little appeal to people outside of that audience.

Why should that dissuade me from doing a kickstarter? Well, my thinking goes that this same select audience might very well also be kickstarter funders. That's great! Except, it would mean that I would expect a large percent of the people who might have purchased the game one day to instead have paid money into the kickstarter campaign. Why is that bad? Well, it's not really bad for the game. However, it would mean that I would have few customers left after finishing the game.

In effect, I'd cannibalize sales with the kickstarter. That has its pros and cons, of course. I would sink the money into one thing: more art. Art is my only significant cost at this point.

But to summarize reason one: I fear that at the end of the day, a successfully funded Forge of Legends would have cannibalized its customer pool, and I'd be left with a prettier game and no sales.

2) Second, Forge of Legends is more-or-less a Freshman effort. I've written games before, but none intended for sale. I expect there will be many things I learn from doing this first title, and that those things will put me in a much better position to fund/kickstart my second title, whatever that turns out to be. Although, this doesn't mean I couldn't kickstart my first AND second titles I suppose… but, that's my line of thinking.

So right now I'm not planning to do a kickstarter. Maybe that's a mistake? I'm not certain. I suppose I'm keeping an open mind about it.
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