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January 25th, 2013, 05:09
Star Trek was a good action flick but the problem with ST movies is they are too long in between - 6 TOS movies < 72 tv shows whose purpose was to be a backdrop for serious Science Fiction stories. Of course, the only good TNG movie was First Contact which could have won the oscar for best screenplay. The reboot is going to suffer the same problems.

I hope Abrams goes back to the roots of Star Wars - no not the "first trilogy" - the thing that made the first movie great in 1977: it was a tribute to the movie serials of the 1940's (So was Indiana Jones). That's the real reason it was titled #4; not because there were any sequels or prequels planned. He should stylize it after the Flash Gordon clones - like they did in STVoyager - and not on the pervailing Star Wars lore.

Or if he doesn't, he should at least make Kevin Anderson a screenwriter and a consultant.
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