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January 25th, 2013, 10:24
You should definitely try it. G3 is still hit or miss, but for 5 bucks the gamble is worth it.

The Community Patches, partially paid for by JoWooD, fixed 1500+ issues and repaired combat and quest bugs as far as a highly committed amateur team can. So G3 is a game now, and no longer a buggy POS.

G3 is closer to the Elder Scrolls series than to Gothic. A gigantic open world with 3 continents and still no loading breaks. Until Skyrim one could argue G3 had the most beautiful RPG world.

The typical Gothic feeling takes some time to develop. I think the game got much better when I left the coastal area and reached the 2nd or 3rd town inside the continent.
G3 uses a continent wide reputation system, and additional ones for the cities. If you choose one side too often, the other faction (Orcs or Resistance) will attack you on sight. So you'll probably spend the first 50 hours staying flexible while exploring the main continent. Then you return to a couple of cities and make your choice to be allowed to go to the desert area. The 3rd area is an ice maze up in the mountains.

Gothic 3 traded depth for size. I didn't really like mellee combat, so I stuck to bows first (very good) and then went for a mage route and shot everything down with fireball and ice lance. I still spent ca. 130 hours looking behind every tree and seeing all 3 endings, so I guess I must have had enough fun.

Make sure to read the pdf for the CP before you start the game. You have to make one or two irreversible choices.
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