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January 25th, 2013, 16:38
The January update for Age of Decadence talks about what happened in the last month and also gives some insights into how dialog options work, which is shown by a large amount of screenshots.
As I'm sure you know, Steam has kindly greenlighted us and we're in the process of signing paperwork and such. They seem to be a bunch of friendly and helpful people, which is always nice. The "greenlighening" has attracted a lot of attention and increased the number of pre-orders, so we already feel the effect.

In unrelated news, we entered the demo into IGF 2013 in Oct. I've never thought that we would win, obviously, but hoped for a nomination. Didn't happen, sadly. The judge couldn't get out of the town and felt that the demo was "seriously limited". I explained but I guess the damage was already done. Oh well…

Working on a location aptly named Inferiae - (Rom. Antiq.) Sacrifices offered to the souls of deceased heroes or friends. Greatly expanded the main character's dialogue file, almost to the point of getting lost in the branches myself. You have a lengthy chat with this character and if she doesn't like your answers, you'll be offered as the aforementioned sacrifice.

Added another path there. Kinda tried another angle to see if it works and it worked. Added two more options if you do end up becoming a sacrifice and tied one of the options to another location, which fixed one of the issues in that location as well. So, all and all, I'm very pleased with this month's progress.

Now, on to the screenshots. House Aurelian. There are several scenarios there that determine how the conversation would go:

- agreed to find the temple for Antidas; serving House Daratan in a low capacity
- Daratan's praetor
- left Teron early, either in AG1, or after stealing Carrinas' documents, or any other case
- you are on Gaelius' personal shitlist, in which case it's not a conversation you want to have
More information.
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