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January 25th, 2013, 20:36
What are the plans for this evening? I seem to remember that Reywind will be out for 2 Friday sessions. I have the following toons who can play:

* Level 12 cleric. Ready for level 10 quests (desert) or higher. Holding 13 so can do level 11 quests if there is a group for it.

* Level 16 fighter (Friday session toon). Need the flagging quests in Gianthold + Necro 4

* Level 18 cleric. Ready for IQ2, Harbinger 2, Amrath, Cannith, He's holding 19 and 1 rank towards 20. Can redo any quest at level 16+ for XP since it's a long way to grind to level 20, still needs almost 400k.

* Level 25 paladin. Can do anything for XP. Just grinding Epic Destinies for fate points. Currently in Fatesinger.
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