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January 25th, 2013, 20:54
Something odd seems to be happening with the ice ship buff. Clicking it does nothing for me. I get the visual showing the bar filling up but no buff. This is the only buff that does not work. It seems to have happened after the Khyber server crash and after I got my polar bear cub…I'm hoping its not some strange bug or my cub.

Also another note…might seem weird but here goes: Had this conversation with a player name MadBrenda or something like that, can't remember name. I put an LFM up for Stealer of Souls and about 40 minutes later this person PM's me about how I won't be able to finish it on elite even with a good group because my Sorcerer is too weak!? I'm thinking too myself this person must be some elitist, so they go on to say how a wizzie would be much better. After some back and forth I tell them I finished Enter The Kobold on elite with a decent group just the night before and they get surprised and my Sorcerer does a majority of kills on most quests (thanks finger of death!) and another shocker from them. They then proceed to say that the wizzie picks up after level 20…at this point I'm thinking to myself don't carry the conversation any longer. 20 levels of not so good for 5 levels of good?! Anyway thought I'd rant a bit. But to tell you the truth the one thing I don't like about my sorc is no evasion…I'm talking like 0. Enter the Kobold would be impossible for me without a group or lots of luck due to all the fireballs and fire spells thrown at me. Is there anyway to get some form of evasion as a pure Sorcerer…some spell/feat I'm missing. I run around with displacement, fire shield(cold), Greater Heroism, Jump, Haste. What am I missing. I also took level 19 last night and my xp now is saying something like 528/1,700,000. One of my party members is saying I am getting epic XP now. I am completely new to this epic stuff. Sorry for the long post. I kind of want to get that completionist feat by TR'ing through different professions…
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